For beginners it is usually difficult to find the right position of the crochet hook and yarn and often it causes uncertainty whether this is right or wrong. Here in this short blog we would like to describe in more detail which crochet hook positions there are, how to best guide the yarn and how to find the position that is most comfortable for you.

Hold like a Knife

But first we would like to say that for beginners we recommend crochet hooks with a soft grip like our Waves crochet hooks. These have a lighter grip and are easier to guide. This will definitely make it easier for you to start your new hobby. As the name suggests, in this variant the crochet hook is gripped like a knife. This way you grip the crochet hook with your whole hand and this gives good control of the crochet hook.

Hold like a Pen

Here the crochet hook is mainly gripped with the index finger, middle finger and thumb and held and guided like a pen.

You have to find out for yourself which position is the right one for you and preferably try both variants to get a feeling for how to hold your crochet hook best and how to have the best control.

How to hold the yarn

A very important factor when crocheting is the thread tension: the working thread should not be too loose, but also not too tight. Since everyone holds the thread differently, there is no uniform tension - one holds tighter, the other looser. But you can compensate for this a bit by choosing the crochet hook size: If you crochet too tightly, try half a crochet hook size larger – or smaller. In any case, the thing with the right tension is a matter of practice - over time you will definitely develop a feeling for it.

The only thing that is important is that the tension should always be even – if it is irregular, you can see it later in the crocheted piece.

How to wrap the yarn around your fingers

From the back between the little finger and ring finger to the front. Past the ring finger and middle finger. Wrap behind the index finger and then around it once or twice: You can, however, pass the thread like this and then wrap it around the index finger once or twice.

When crocheting, the tension is then generated by the index finger: the thread should be able to run through, but it also should be under tension. The little finger and ring finger, on the other hand, only serve as a guide – the thread simply has to run through here. The crocheted piece itself is placed on the ring and middle finger and held there by gentle pressure of the thumb.

Try different crochet hook sizes here to find the right size for you, with which you can best maintain the thread tension.

An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.“  - Edwin Land

Don't give up and keep practicing your thread position to create tension and get a feel for it.

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