This is a question that keeps popping up online, which patterns use how much wool and which use the least wool. This can be important for projects that shouldn't use a lot of wool because the wool is scarce, the wool is very expensive, or for projects that shouldn't be too heavy, such as summery garments like a scarf or stole.

In this blog we would like to introduce you to some stitches that use very little wool but at the same time look very beautiful and decorative.

The Basic stitches  

First we would like to compare the simple basic stitches in their usage. Single crochet are tight-fitting stitches that are very dense and therefore use up a lot of wool. This makes larger jobs difficult and very dense. Single crochet is one of the stitches that uses the most wool.

Half double crochet 

These stitches are not as tight as single crochet, but they still use a lot of yarn.

Double Crochet and Treble Crochet

These two stitches have larger "gaps" between the stitches, so the stitch structure is a bit airier and the yarn consumption is therefore not as large as with single crochet or half double crochet, for example.

If we only use these basic stitches for a work. The so-called lace crochet stitches use noticeably and visibly much less wool. Lace is a very light and fine way of crocheting, so it is not surprising that much less wool is used here.

Here we have found some lace stitches for you and would like to present them to you in more detail. If you are looking for other lace stitches and patterns, there are literally thousands of different lace stitches on the internet.

Knot stitch

This pattern resembles a link chain and is one of the stitches that uses the least amount of wool. The knot stitch would certainly be a great pattern for a decorative and light scarf or maybe for a light summer jacket.

Filet Crochet

Filet crochet is a very simple pattern that produces great results. It is a grid pattern created with double crochet stitches. You can also place the grid openings in such a way that different patterns can arise. Therefore, this simple stitch offers endless possibilities and uses little yarn.

Plain Trellis Stitch

This stitch creates a pattern that looks like large diamonds. It is crocheted with simple basics such as chain stitch, single crochet and double crochet. Due to the large openings in the pattern, this simple stitch saves a lot of yarn.

"Less is more" - Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

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